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We get asked many questions about laying carpet, how to take care of new flooring - including vinyl - and what to do for things like spills and stains. Please browse our Customer Service page and get in touch if you still have questions or concerns about your flooring project.

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Surfing the Internet for help can be overwhelming. That's why we have carefully selected handy websites offering practical tips and useful flooring guidance for your next project.

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Best Carpet Underlay?

Don't void your carpet warranty by choosing the wrong underlay! Marks Carpet Shop recommend the right padding to ensure your carpet underlay will:

  • absorb the pressure of foot traffic
  • reduce household noise
  • provide additional insulation
  • prevent buckling or wrinkling of the carpet

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Buying New Carpet?

Research estimates reveal that about 74% of all homeowners choose the wrong carpet and underlay. About 84% of homeowners end up with a poor quality installation job.

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